How to Create a Faux Bob at Home!

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We adore all of the faux bobs we have been seeing on the red carpets this year, especially this curly look on Taylor Swift! This is a classic look that can be done with any length (except for shorter looks, obviously) and any hair type! So, if you aren’t ready for the commitment of cutting off your long length locks, just pretend for a little! I particularly love this look for anyone with fine, thin hair because it adds TONS of volume and the ends of your hair where thin hair tends to get stringy throughout the day. There are ton’s of ways to recreate a faux bob — curly, wavy, finger waves, sleek and straight, and the list goes on and one. We’ve created a basic how to that will help you incorporate any of those styles into your at-home faux bob in no time!

1.) Begin with your hair styled however you would like it. To achieve Taylor’s look we would have our hair prepped with a curling wand and ready to style.

2.) Section your hair into 2 sections, dividing it in half starting from the top of the ear.

3.) This step can be done one of two ways (depending on the length of the hair). For really long hair, we recommend diving the bottom section into 3 vertical sections. French braid each section all the way down and continue braiding until there is only 2-3 inches of length hanging. Secure each with a thin elastic band. Bring the freely hanging portions of your braids up and pin them (however you would like) horizontally. For medium length hair,  you can follow the previously mentioned method or do 1-2 large horizontal french braids to create a “row” and tuck the ends of the your hair underneath the braid and pin. These braids will serve for securing the pins you will be using in steps 4 and on.

4.) Take the top section down and separate and lay the hair the way you would like your curls to fall.

5.) Starting with the sides, fold the hanging portion of your hair underneath until you reach the length that you would like your faux bob to be. Bring the ends towards the back and secure the ends by tucking them into the braid using your fingers or a tail comb and pin them into place with bobby pins. Follow the same technique for pinning up the back portion.

6.) Using a tail comb as a pick, adjust any strands that are out of place or revealing the braid and voila! Enjoy your new “short” hair! ;)

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, suggests creating a faux bob using braids and lacing to take the length up – it will put a spring in any girl’s step. — we totally agree!

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