Hair How To: Caruso Steam Rollers

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If your hair is dry and fried and you’re having a hard time getting volume to stick — the Caruso Steam Rollers are the perfect tool for you! If you haven’t heard about them, now is the time to learn! These rollers are unlike any other. Working off only steam they won’t cause ANY breakage and NO heat damage. Think it sounds too good to be true? So did I, so I had to try them. I fell in love! Although this process may take a few extra minutes in comparison to typical hot rollers, the extra time is 100% worth it! I’ve bundled up some of our favorite Caruso features and included a quick how-to and listed them below so you can see how amazing these rollers are!


  • Ion Technology creates soft, voluminous curls and shine while reducing static and frizz
  • Ionic Switch creates 3X the steam when turned on
  • Of/On/Ionic Settings
  • Non damaging steam conditions as it curls – No salt required!
  • Set curls in 5-10 minutes
  • Achieves the 30 second curl by blow drying hair first to evaporate moisture
  • Great for all types of hair
  • Creates perfect spiral curls & waves
  • Curls last for days

How to: 

1.) As you can see in the photo above the steaming unit has a light grey top and a dark grey basin. Remove the light grey top and fill the dark grey basin up to the indicated fill line and turn the switch to “On” or “Ionic” depending which feature you would like to use.

2.) In less than a minute, the unit will be ready to use. Take one roller at a time, only the foam and spindle portion (as opposed to the photo above), and wait about 10 seconds. The sponge portion of the roller will feel hot and moist.

3.) Quickly take the heated roller and wrap your hair, securing the roller with the outside plastic portion.

4.) Continue this for the entire head and let sit to dry for 10 minutes. You can use a blowdryer to speed this process up.

5.) Unwrap the rollers the same way you put them in. Fluff with fingers, or teasing comb.

6.) Finish with a light hold hairspray and enjoy your gorgeous curls and volume!

NOTE: for those of you who are already familiar with the Caruso Steam Rollers, and have used them in the past when they required salt, they no longer have such a requirement and they work just as well! :)

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