Product Review of the Day: Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer!

After our recent trip to the EBC show in Atlantic City, I knew I just had to get my hands on this dryer to try it out. I’m SO glad I did! Cricket’s Q-Zone lightweight dryer package has everything you need for any style and is definitely unlike any other blow dryer I have used in the past and trust me, that is saying a lot coming from a dryer snob. Here’s a little more background information on the dryer and some of our favorite features:

Description: “The Centrix® Q-Zone™ Lightweight Dryer utilizes Insanely Quiet™ technology and comes completely loaded with styling attachments. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, the new Q-Zone produces up to 50 MPH airspeed to accelerate drying time and weighs less than a pound. The dryer comes with the must-have styling attachments: Power Booster 2, Concentrator, Straightening Pick and Diffuser. The Q-Zone Lightweight utilizes ceramic tourmaline and ionic technologies, which adds a healthy shine and moisture to hair while reducing frizz. Go lightweight and loaded with the new Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer!”

Feel: A lot of dryers claim to be lightweight and don’t live up to the promise — that is definitely NOT the case with this dryer. I could not believe how light this dryer actually is. Not only that but the slim handle is incredibly easy to hold ad because of how quiet the dryer is, you don’t get those annoying vibrations in your hand, which makes blowdrying 10x more comfortable for my hand and wrist! Bonus: The filter for this dryer is ALSO unique. Instead of being located on the back of the dryer, it’s located on the top portion of the dryer so it doesn’t suck in hair and pull while you are drying!

Power: Another thing I have noticed with other light weight dryers is that in sacrificing weight, you’re also sacrificing power. Again, that is NOT the case with the Q-Zone dryer. When first hearing this dryer, I thought that there was no way a dryer this quiet can be that powerful. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong I was! I would say that this dryer power is equal to that of my usual Elchim dryer but without the added weight, making it perfect for stylists who need the power and also want to hear what their client is saying.

Results: I’m in love with this hair dryer. It’s perfect for all stylists or anyone who is looking for a lightweight dryer with crazy power. This is also PERFECT for anyone who suffers from arthritis and just can’t bear to hold the weight of an ordinary dryer.

Here’s a quick video about their unique lightweight technology:

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