Recreate Lupita’s Most Beautiful Woman Look with Mary Kay and Femme Fatale Lashes!

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Lupita Nyong’o is People Magazine’s most beautiful woman! We could not agree more. We love her simple yet stunning beauty and are obsessed with her flawless glowing skin. So obsessed that we set out in search of a skin care regimen that would help us look as radiant as she does… Luckily, we found it! When it comes to our faces, we are firm believers in customizable skin care lines. If you have oily skin, but your using a facial moisturizer for “all skin types,” you will not give your skin the attention it deserves. This is why we are loving Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects skincare system! This super simple 4-step skin care routine is available for oily, normal, and dry skin and it’s so easy it could fit into anyone’s beauty routine. By following these simple steps you’re on your way to having the same youthful glow as Lupita! Below is Mary Kay’s suggested use for these 4 miracle products:

  • Botanical Effects™ Cleanse: Using lukewarm water, apply cleanser with fingertips, rotating and massaging, to remove impurities and dirt.
  • Botanical Effects™ Mask: Apply a quarter-size of the Mask to the neck, face and décolleté and massage the face to improve circulation and muscle tone.
  • Botanical Effects™ Freshen: Apply to face and neck with cotton ball, avoiding eye and mouth areas.
  • Botanical Effects™ Hydrate: Use a nickel-size amount and smooth on a clean face, neck and décolleté using upward strokes.

We were also lucky enough to try out some of Mary Kay’s amazing makeup line to get that same subtle touch of color that Lupita’s known to rock and her famous bright red lip! Believe it or not, it wasn’t hard to recreate at all! Not only was it easy but it is the perfect look for ANY occasion — whether it be school, work, or an interview you’ll never seem over or underdone!

First we prepped our face with the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder which kept our glow from the Hydrate moisturizer but toned down some of our unwanted shine then applied the Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in Black, for crazy lash length with a subtle natural eyeshadow to make your eyes pop like Lupita’s. We used the Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Rock ‘n’ Red to recreated her red lip and that was it! Pretty easy right?

Now, if you are thinking about spicing up Lupita’s look for more of a night out on the town look, or like us, weren’t blessed with her gorgeous eyelashes, we also have a crazy quick tip for that too! This look can easily switch from daytime glam to a chic and sexy evening look by adding Femme Fatale’s glam lashes in the style Mr. Deville. We LOVE these lashes! What sets them apart from other falsies is that they are made from 100% mink, which makes them insanely soft (more like our natural lashes) which helps to make even the dramatic glamour sets easy to blend in. The best part? Unlike synthetic lash strips, Femme Fatale’s apply with no need to an added coat of mascara! You can transform your look to hollywood glam in seconds!

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