Product Review of the Day: KeratinPerfect Oils!

KeratinPerfect Shine Serum & OilHere at StyleBell, we LOVE essential oils and know how important they are for our hair. That’s why we were crazy excited to hear about these two oils by one of our new favorite brands, KeratinPerfect, and even more excited that we got to test them out! Just like their Blowout Booster that we all love, these products did not disappoint. They are definitely one of my new must-have’s. Here’s a little more about each of these oils and why we loved them!

KeratinPerfect PerfectRescue Repair Serum: a blend of natural keratin along with collagen and wheat proteins that work synergistically to help restore strength and elasticity in all hair types.. This rescue serum makes each strand stronger and more resilient against the damage caused by heat styling, blow-drying and chemical processes.

Feel: This serum is slightly heavier than other serums but I think that is from all of the nutrients packed into the convenient dropper that comes attached to the lid of the bottle. Because the product is a little thicker, it’s perfect for any damaged or over processed blonde hair. 

Usage: I used a quarter sized amount for my towel dried shoulder length hair. Before I started to apply the product, I rubbed my hands together quickly to assure that the thicker consistency would be evenly disturbed when I started applying it to my hair. I started at the ends focusing on the most fragile areas of my hair then worked my way up to just below the root and blow dried with a round brush.

Results: This product is amazing! I was a little hesitant to use it on my fine hair because of the slightly heavy consistency but I was pleasantly surprised with how it absorbs right into the hair before you even start to blow dry! My hair dried beautifully! It really seemed to help fill in some of the porous pieces of hair that have been highlighted time and time again for added protection while I was blowdrying and helped the round brush move easily through my usually knotty hair. I am in love with this product — so far, it is one of a kind!

KeratinPerfect PerfectShine Keratin Oil Serum: delivers an infusion of keratin proteins and argan oil to your hair to provide a natural conditioner rich in nourishing fatty acids. Argan oil is known for repairing dryness to hair to help prevent breakage and minimize split ends. The PerfectShine Keratin Serum infuses shine and brilliance into all hair types and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a heavy residue. This will make your hair appear more youthful, with a reflective shiny finish.This is a perfect addition to use with Repair Serum for some serious repair and protection or on it’s own just for shine!

Feel: This product is extremely light weight. I love that it’s crystal clear but still is still jam packed with all of the essential oils that have a usual slight gold hint to them. The product applied super smoothly with the moisture remaining from my towel dried hair which made a little go a long way.

Usage: I used a nickel size amount on my shoulder length hair. I applied it to towel dry hair, focusing mainly on the ends of my hair and combed through with a wide tooth comb before doing my round brush blowout.

Results: I loved how this product dried with my hair! Unlike many other shine serums I have tried, this product did not leave my hair gunky or greasy at all. In fact, If I didn’t know I used it, I wouldn’t know I had anything in my hair! My hair felt soft, looked shiny. I definitely think this product has been helping the health of my hair by absorbing all of the essential oils rather them just laying on top of the hair temporarily in between shampoos. Love this product!

Using the products together? Highly recommended! I loved them both on their own… but even more together! Again, I was hesitant to use both at one time because they are both serums and I have fine hair that tends to be on the greasy side. I was blown away with the results. Literally. You would have thought I blew the products right off my hair because of how well they absorbed and dried with my hair! This is definitely a product cocktail match made in heaven!

Looking forward to hearing what you think about these products, too!


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