Mix Your Hair a Cocktail!

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If you are struggling to find the “miracle product” that does everything your hair needs it to, chances are you’ve stumbled across one or two products that were almost perfect, but off by just one or two things. That’s where mixing a hair cocktail would be the perfect solution. By taking two or more of the almost perfect products, you should be able to get all of your bases covered by taking a few pumps of each, mixing them together and applying them evenly to your hair. So, if you like the way Product A reduces drying time and frizz, but aren’t getting the protection from humidity that you like and Product B gives you perfect protection from humidity but doesn’t do as much in the way of frizz. Mixing them together is a super easy way to make your own perfect product (and a great way to use all of those barely used hair products we all manage to accumulate in our search for the perfect product).

This doesn’t only apply to products — having trouble finding a daily or deep conditioner that leaves your hair manageable and grease-free, or something that won’t weigh your hair down? Make a conditioner cocktail! Sometimes, depending on the amount of heat styling we do, a deep conditioner is the only way we feel like our hair is getting all of the moisture and nutrients it needs but hate how heavy it leaves our hair. Mixing your almost perfect daily conditioner and just a drop or two of your favorite deep conditioner could be the perfect solution to this hair debacle.

Here’s two of our favorite hair cocktail recipes:

Lightweight Shine Conditioner Cocktail: I love the way BioSilk’s Smoothing Conditioner smells and how it leaves my hair feeling soft and light weight but it doesn’t give me all of the shine I want. So, by adding 1-2 drops of Maijan Oil to the nickel sized amount of conditioner I’m using before applying it, I’m getting everything I want from my conditioner and I’m ready to move on to styling…

Volumizing/Smoothing Cocktail: My rule of thumb when it comes to styling my hair is: the bigger the better so of course I love any volumizing hair products, especially Bain de Terre’s lightweight Lily Blow-Out Bodifier but volumizing products don’t do much in the way of smoothing out my curls. So, I use a 50/50 mixture of that and Cutler’s Straightening Cream and voila! Perfectly smooth volume!

There are really no rules when it comes to hair cocktails — it’s all about the finished product. So, shake up some of your own hair cocktails and let us know some of your favorite recipes!


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