All of the Amazing Benefits of Head Massage!

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I’m willing to bet that if you asked anyone what their favorite part about their routine visit to the salon was, they would say the head massage during the shampoo! So, we’ve decided to explore the many benefits to head massage and we were surprised at how much we learned! Here’s just a few of the many many benefits of head, neck and scalp massage.

1.) Helps you unwind and relax. This goes without saying — a good old scalp massage can do wonders for your stress-life. It’s relaxing AND beneficial, making it easier for you to kick back and enjoy the moment!

2.) Releases your happy hormones. Well naturally, when you are relaxing, you are bringing down your body’s stress hormone, cortisol. High cortisol levels are not only detrimental to our personal lives, they also can wreak havoc on your immune system! High cortisol levels, lead to high glucose levels and other metabolic imbalances, leaving your immune system stunned for 2 weeks! If that’s not reason enough to spend more time relaxing, I don’t know what is. Massage therapy also plays a role in positive dopamine and serotonin levels, which can help keep our mood in check and our thoughts happy. :)

3.) Increase in blood flow to the scalp. Regular scalp massage increase blood flow to the scalp, which helps to stimulate hair follicles and sebaceous glands which can contribute to overall better scalp health and production of those super important natural oils. This is the reason we frequently hear that scalp massage leads to hair growth — it’s not entirely a myth. Healthier scalp = healthier hair, less prone to breakage.

4.) Relief from tension headaches.  As we all know, massage is a go-to way for relieving tensions in our muscles. It works the same way for our heads. Head massage, focusing on the nap of the neck and base of the skull, works wonders for relieving tension that tends to accumulate in those areas. Scalp massage has also been proven to benefit those who suffer from migraines in the same way, focusing on those two areas and the temples with medium pressure.

So, ladies, never feel guilty for indulging in your salon experience — it’s benefitting you more than you think!


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