5 Steps to Prevent Hair Color Fade!

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Are you as tired as we are of sparing no expense to keep up with the latest and greatest hair color trends just for them to fade away within a week or two? Well, luckily, there is a few simple tricks to prolonging the life of your hair color. Here’s a few quick tips to live by in between salon visits that have been proven effective in the battle against hair color fade:

1.) Keep Up With Your Trims! The number one way to prolong the life of your hair color is to improve the overall health of your hair. Dry, damaged hair with split ends have roughed up cuticles which allows your hair color to practically fall right out of your hair. Keeping up with your regularly schedule trims every 4-6 weeks will drastically improve the health of your hair by chopping off those exposed split ends and beginning some serious hair-repair!

2.) Use Color Protectant Shampoo! This should be a no-brainer to those of you who have had your hair colored before. If you have ever ran out of your color-care shampoo and conditioner and had to use regular shampoo – you know what I’m talking about! 1-2 washes without color-care shampoo is all it takes to cause major color fade. Why throw away your gorgeous hair color, that probably cost you a small fortune, in 1-2 shampoos? Especially when most of our favorite shampoos come in safe-for-color formula’s, too!

3.) Wash As Infrequently As Possible. Although, not all of us can pull this off, washing your hair every other day can significantly prolong the life of your hair color. Because even if you are using the right color protecting shampoo, washing frequently can always tend to wash out more hair color than we’d like.

4.) ALWAYS USE THERMAL PROTECTANT: I can’t stress this point enough, whether you are trying to preserve your hair color or the overall health of your hair — protecting it from all of the heat we style with is key! By using hot appliances, we are opening up our hair cuticles again, allowing more and more color to leak out each time we style. Using a thermal protectant prevents this from happening and keeps our cuticles as sealed as possible while styling!

5.)  Talk With Your Stylist!! Of course the more our hair color fades, the more we ask our hair colorist to “run it through the ends.” Now when we think that this will bring our hair color back to life — and it will, temporarily, we tend to only make matters worse. Hair color should NOT be run through the ends every time you visit the salon, this becomes a problem with redheads in particular.Permanent hair color can be very harsh — and just because it is not sitting on your head the whole time, it is just as damaging. Talk to your stylist about using a semi-perm or glaze on your hair from midshaft to ends. Not only will this make your color pop but it will preserve the life of your hair and hair color in the process!

Hope this solves some of your concerns!


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