Everything You Want to Know About Hair Extensions!

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I have been getting a ton of questions about hair extensions throughout the wedding season so I’ve decided to write a quick breakdown for each type of extension to help you figure out which type of extension best fits your hair, style, and most importantly — your budget! Here’s a few of the most common types of hair extensions and Pro’s and Con’s of each

1.) Sewn in Hair Extensions, or Tracks: These extensions have been around for years — most commonly seen in many different ethnicities. Pro’s? This type of hair extension can be very inexpensive if you find the right shop to do them AND these are one of the most life-like extensions because instead of letting your underlying and (most of the time) shorter hair, hang underneath your extensions and become visible, it is neatly braided from side to side and then used as an anchor to sew in the tracks of your extensions. Con’s? These are NOT for those which thin hair, or a sensitive scalp. In order for the braids to become an anchor for your extensions, they are braided EXTREMELY tight and can become pretty irritating and itchy for those who are not used to this type of style.

2.) Glued in Hair Extensions, or Tracks: I love to call these “Prom Weekend Extensions,”  they are SUPER affordable, like sewn in, but you can also save the cost of having someone put them in. These are so easy to apply, all you need is a friend, a comb, clips, and extension glue. They are perfect for a “just the weekend” style that you want to glue-in, get glamorous, and be done fussing with it for the whole weekend. These can last for up to a week without becoming too grown-out or loose, but can be easily removed in a day or two with the oil-based glue remover. Pro’s? Give you the option of having a long-lasting extension look without the large budget. Con’s? These can become a bit itchy, especially near the scalp where the glue is and they can also feel a bit heavy to those who aren’t used to having extensions.

3.) Fusion Hair Extensions: Fusion hair extensions, most commonly seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, are not for those on a small budget and definitely not the type of extension you want to have done by a friend at home. If you are going to invest the time and money into having this type of extension done – go to someone you have had a personal recommendation to, and make sure you have seen their work! If these aren’t done perfectly and VERY neatly, they can become extremely uncomfortable. Fusion extensions are individual, approximately, 1/8″ strands of hair that are individually fused to similar sized sections of your hair by Keratin Fiber bonds, or fancy hair glue. Pro’s? These, when done correctly, can last up to 6 months when kept up with and LOOK fantastic. Bonus, these extensions are perfect for someone who still wants to have the option of throwing your hair up, you can’t see them at all! Cons? Where do I begin? After having personally felt the discomfort these extensions can cause, I don’t know that I would ever get them again. Also when being informed of the “6-month” time frame that these extensions are said to last, what they won’t tell you, is about the matted miniature dreadlocks your hair will form near the bonds of these extensions. I personally did not loose too much hair from these extensions, but have been told horror stories about hair loss and breakage.

4.) Beaded Hair Extensions: These extensions are the much less damaging, just as expensive way to get the same long-lasting look as the fusion extensions. Oftentimes, the same fusion style extensions are used, and are secured to the same size sections by clamping a small, round, bead around your hair and the extension. Pro’s? Same fabulous features and look as fusion extensions without the damage AND the best part is, you can keep these extensions and use them over and over again. These extensions are the super easy way to keep up with new growth. All you have to do is get to the salon and have your stylist unclamp and slide the bead closer to your scalp. Con’s? These are just as pricey as the fusion extensions because of how time-consuming it is for the stylists to put them in. Also, these can get pretty heavy with the added weight of the beads.

5.) Tape-in Extensions: These are a relatively new spin on getting the same long-lasting results are the fusion and beaded extensions for a MUCH more affordable price! After trying these extensions, I cannot say enough great things about them. Pro’s? Super quick and easy application. These extensions lay so flat that you can run your hand from root to ends and not feel the tracks at all! They are comfortable, and in small enough sections that you can pull your hair back without having them be noticed by anyone! These have got to be one of the easiest extensions when it comes to washing your hair. With other extensions, I find it hard to really scrub or scratch my scalp while shampooing, and with these I have NO problem at all. I LOVE these extensions and have not run into one Con yet!

6.) Clip-In Hair Extensions: Clip-In extensions are, in my opinion, one of the best extensions to have around. They are affordable on ANY budget and last you forever, assuming you don’t change your hair color too drastically. Pro’s? You can change your look any time you want. I have never heard someone say they were uncomfortable in any way and the best part — you can take them out to shower and sleep. Another plus? If you typically wear your hair down in one style — curly, straight, or wavy — you can leave these extensions styled for a week (or even two) without having to wash and restyle them since they aren’t directly on your scalp or in your hair 24-7. Super convenient, right? Con’s? The only con I’ve find is that it will add a minute or two onto your styling in the morning to clip these in. But, when you’re saving that much time on styling the extensions themselves, I have always managed to save time!

Hope this helped extend your hair knowledge!


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