Summer Skincare Suitable for Every Skin Type!

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If you’re human, then chances are, you’re struggling with some type of skin problem and we all know that the hot, humid, sticky summer weather only makes it worse. Hopefully not for long! We’ve rounded up a list of our summer skin care tips that can help to eliminate almost any troublesome skin problem! Here’s a list of our top 5

1.) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate: The number one step in any skin care solution should always begin with a good wash and exfoliation. Starting with a smooth, fresh palette is the perfect way to maintain glowing skin or nurse your skin back to optimal health. Exfoliating helps scrub off any dead skin cells and helps put your freshest face forward. You can have more fun with this step than you think! Make a girls night of it — have your best girlfriends over and make your own exfoliator. There are ton’s of awesome exfoliator recipes out there and they are all worth trying out! Not into the extra work? Try the St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub, it’s a gritty yet gentle scrub that comes in 3 different formulas for all skin types and fits almost any budget. If you’re not into the sandy, gritty exfoliator feel, try Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant. It’s a powder to cream daily exfoliant that doesn’t feel gritty but works just es effectively, if not better. I’m swear by these products! You will immediately feel the difference.

2.) Suncreen is a must! Do not blow this off when you hear this. You MUST, and I mean, MUST apply sunscreen to your face and any other area of your body that is going to be exposed to the sun at any point throughout the day. This is something you need to judge by your skin type, if you are one of the lucky who doesn’t burn, this does not mean you’re an exception to the rule. Just because you are not burning, does not mean the sun isn’t damaging your skin — it is. Protect yourself and prevent premature aging!

3.) Stay Hydrated — Your face, skin, and body! In the summer, our face takes a serious beating from the sun, so once we’ve sunscreened, we need some serious moisturizer to lock in some hydration and start reversing some of the drying and damaging effects of the sun. These is why we LOVE Apothederm Moisturizing Cream as our facial moisturizer. Not only does it jam pack your skin with Shea butter, soybean oil and emollient moisturizers but it stimulates your skin natural repair and regeneration systems which aids in bumping up our collagen production and disguising those “sun wrinkles” we all tend to get after a long day in the sun.

Aside from the importance of keeping our money maker moisturized, we have to keep the make sure we’re keeping the rest of our thirsty summer skin quenched also. For this, I recommend using a light weight pH balanced moisturizer, like Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion, not once but twice a day in the summer. Once a day is great for our regular winter, spring, and fall routine but in the summer our skin requires a little more moisture to replace what is lost during the day. I recommend following a schedule so you don’t forget — like immediately after your morning shower and right before bed at night.

Now last, but definitely not least — the key to healthy skin is a healthy body. And if we’re not drinking enough water, our skin is is going to be the first thing to reflect that. We always hear that we should be having at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. I say, if you have any kind of complexion issues, or just spend a lot of time in the sun, double that! Yes, it seems excessive, but our body needs to be replenished. The sun sucks an unbelievable amount of water out of our skin in a matter of minutes via sweat and increased body temperature so stay on top of it! Also, because our body is craving to be quenched — don’t just reach for the first thing in sight. When we’re hot and thirsty we tend to grab the first cold beverage we see, not considering how sugary some of these things can be. Opt for water and always keep it on you! Sugary drinks will only wreak havoc on our skin!

4.) Keep your paws pretty! So when we’re thinking about our overall skin health, it’s important not to forget our hands and especially our feet during this hot sand, flip flop season. Not only to I recommend following all of the above mentioned steps for our hands and feet (especially exfoliating) but I also recommend adding a drop or two of Maijan oil to your foot moisturizing at night to help your foot soak in all the extra moisture it needs to keep them soft, smooth and sexy for the summer time!

5.) Wash & Tone: So going back to the twice a day moisturizing, the same goes for facial care. I recommend a light moisturizing facial wash in the morning, following by a rich deep cleaningfacial wash at night. This is where I vary from my usual routine — I usually skip toners and astringents all together because of their sometimes drying effects, however in the summer, I have become a firm believe in a night time toner. Following your last wash of the day with a toner or astringent helps to knock out any dirt and grime your wash may have missed and keep your pores so fresh and so clean. After toning, follow up with your facial moisturizing cream as usual.

Have a glowing and gorgeous summer,



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