How to Handle Highly Processed Haircolor

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Are you having a problem controlling your overly dry, over-processed hair? Unfortunately, we know a lot of you are – especially if you love highlights as much as I do! Highly processed hair can be troublesome for everyone including hair stylists! As a matter of fact, most stylists can sometimes suffer the most from over processed hair because we just can’t get enough of changing our hair to keep up with the latest trends and treatments! So, what can we do to keep our highly-processed hair as healthy as possible? Here’s a few quick tricks I’ve found to be the most effective at preventing excess damage

1.) For The Platinum Blondes or Highlight Addicts: Although it’s tempting to go more blonde during each visit, there’s a much less damaging way to brighten up your older growth while getting your touch ups. Talk to your stylists about only bleaching or coloring your new growth and using a platinum, or purple/ash toner on the ends. Most clients LOVE the way these toners knock out any brassiness that’s accumulated from the daily elements and it’s a super quick and non-damaging way to brighten your older growth up to the same shade as your fresh roots! Also, if you’re getting highlights frequently, ask your stylist to only touch up your roots in the foil. Even if they don’t perfectly line up with your old weaved pattern — you will never be able to tell! It’s a great way to prevent over processing the blonde that is already there!

2.) Use Alternating Deep Conditioning Treatments: One thing many people using deep conditioners don’t know is that you need to switch it up. A lot of masques or deep conditioners designed to strengthen and reinforce hair are VERY high in protein and although this is great periodically, too much protein can also cause you’re hair to become stiff and in turn, more brittle! So, with that said, be mindful of how many times a week you use it, 2-4 times a month of a strengthening treatment should be all you need. On the off weeks, be sure to use a hydrating or moisture based deep conditioner, since after all, that’s what our over-processed hair needs most!

3.) Trim, Trim, Trim! If you’re hair is already over processed, no matter how many deep conditioners you can use, the best way to prevent excess breakage is by cutting off those split ends before the continue to split higher and break off — ESPECIALLY if you are trying to grow your hair out; no one wants to be left with fly aways and a stringy mop! Monthly trims, even if they are only 1/4-1/2″, will prevent tons of breakage from spreading from ends to mid-shaft, which will leave you with a much fuller and more shiny head of hair…even if it is a little over-processed!

Hope this helps you on your way to growing your hair long and strong!


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