Bad Chemical Treatment? How to Correct It:

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Have you recently had a chemical treatment gone wrong? Unfortunately, most of us women have been in the same boat. Whether it was a color that didn’t turn out quite how you wanted it to and you’re expecting the impending damage of the corrective color that’s on the horizon; or you’ve had a relaxer gone wrong and your hair feels like mush — we’ve been there. I have seen my fair share of damaged hair working in the salon and here’s a few of my go-to quick fixes (other than the typical, but very important, avoidance of blowdrying, heat styling, braids and pulling hair back tightly until the damage is controlled) to help salvage and reverse as much damage as possible before you wind up with the dreaded “chemical cut,” which almost always does not turn out how we’d like it to.

For relaxers or perms gone wrong: Unfortunately, there has not been much progress made in this very permanent hair process. Relaxers and perms CANNOT be reversed so the best thing you can do it keep up with your trims and condition, condition, condition, avoiding anything stressful to your hair and scalp until your hair is recovered. Then, prevent it from happening again by ALWAYS using a neutralizing shampoo after any of these treatments — perms and relaxers completely throw your hair’s pH out of whack by taking it from one state to another extreme. Neutralizing is the only way to prevent your hair from turning into stretchy post perm or relaxer mush.

Corrective color? Here’s the best way to prep:  The best way to prep for a corrective color treatment is by talking to your stylist! Sometimes, even though our hair may need some intense deep conditioning, conditioning can make the corrective color process more rough on your hair than it needs to be. Many conditioners will leave a protective, sometimes waxy, coating on your hair which can make the hair color work harder and longer on your already damaged hair. Your stylist will be able to recommend the perfect regimen to prep and prevent further damage. Corrective color should never be done at home — I repeat — NEVER be done at home!

Over-processed color treated hair: This is one of the easier chemical nightmares to prevent the spread of. As always, starting off with a healthy trim is going to be the best way to prevent frizz from becoming the nightmare that we all know it can become. Then, this a time when a strengthening deep conditioning treatment is needed up to 4 times a month to replace the keratin protein and strength that was lost in the wreckage. Following up your shampoos and conditioning with a essential oil serum, like Maijan, will make combing, brushing and styling a breeze which will make a huge difference in the long-term recovery of your hair!

Hope we helped!


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