Prediction: 2014 Fall Hair Trends!

fall hair trends, predicting fall hair trends, hair predictions, hair trend predictions, trend predictions, trends, hair trends, fall hair trends, trending hairstylesSo last fall some of the hottest hair trends were Ombre, Braids, and Bangs… What do you predict will be the newest, hottest trends this back to school season? Here’s what we’re thinking of the old trends that will continue their popularity and some new trends we think will be taking off:

1.) Starting off the school year with a bang! I will always love this trend and I personally don’t think that bangs could ever go out of style! I think we will definitely continue to see variations in bangs from side bangs to heavy bangs – this  trend will surely not be saying goodbye just yet!

2.) Braids will stay! Although there was a time that braids seemed to disappear — I don’t think we will be seeing that happen again any time soon. Braids seem to be here to stay. With all of the new variations we have been seeing like fishtails, braided bangs, illusion braids and feather braids; there is too many reasons for us to keep this trend alive! After all, braids are one of the most simple ways to drastically change you look and works for casual, formal and messy styles!

3.) Ombre: no way! As much as I love this sun kissed and “rooted” hair color trend, I can’t see the Ombre/Balayage fad lasting too much longer now that everyone is starting to have the same styles.. time to switch up the hair color trends! After all, balayage has been around for a LONG time, it just made a major come back in 2013 and stayed with us through 2014 but it’s time for us to switch it up.

4.) New prediction: I think we will be seeing a lot of new trends in the color world! Maybe some new color blocking techniques? We are excited to see what new color trends lie ahead for the fall. Especially because we LOVE those rich, warm fall hair colors! With all of the advancing hair color formulas, I’m expecting to see some bold and bright peek-a-boo colors and a multi-dimensional, almost metallic, spin on traditional colors. Looking forward to see what new trends we can try out!

What trends do you predict to see come summers end?


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