Fresh Fall Hair Tips!

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As we are approaching the fall, we are starting to feel the itch to switch up our hair routine! Here’s some of our go-to quick fixes to bring your hair back to life for the new season!

1.) Start Fresh – Why not start off the new season with a new hair cut? Whether you’re changing your style completely or just getting a trim to snip away those nasty split ends, this is a guaranteed way to start off the season feeling refreshed and ready to take on a whole new healthier hair-doo!

2.)  Always Deep Condition! This is a simple, not to mention relaxing, and affordable way to get your hair healthy and maintain healthiness in your strands. The best way to get rid of damage is to prevent it! So, once you’ve got your fresh trim, why not maintain that smooth and shiny finish with a minimum of 1 deep conditioning treatment? You can even do this at home with a shower cap and a moisturizing deep conditioner like  the Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner by Keratin Complex.

3.)  Speaking of Keratin… If you haven’t had a keratin treatment yet and suffer from the same frizzy hair problems as the rest of us, a keratin treatment is the perfect (and super quick way) to give your hair a healthy makeover. Not only does it drastically change the appearance of your hair by eliminating frizz and reducing curl, it also puts you one step closer to having the healthy hair you have always desired by cutting your styling time in half (if not more) and infusing your hair with all of those keratin proteins we lose during daily styling!

4.) Always Seal Your Cuticle to Lock Out Damage! The best way I have found to seal down those damaged cuticles (which gives our hair that crazy frizzy appearance) is by using just a drop or two of a light serum to smooth them down and shine my hair up! My favorite product for this is the Maijan Leave-In Hair Serum – it’s super affordable and jam packed with essential oils and nutrients!

Let us know what some of your favorite fall hair pointers are!


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