Fact or Fiction: Clarifying Shampoo is Bad For Hair.

clarifying shampoo, clarifying your hair, clarifying shampoo facts, why you shoulld clarify your hair, clarifying your hair, fact or fiction, hair fact or fiction, clarifying hair facts, hair facts, hair fiction, hair truthFact or Fiction: Weekly use of a clarifying shampoo will dry out your hair.

Fiction! Unhealthy build up of products and even water on our hair can cause it to feel unhealthy, brittle, and even break. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week (depending on the hair type) can help strip off the bad allowing more absorption for moisture and creating more potential for your hair products to do their job!

Although, using a clarifying shampoo too frequently, or incorrectly can certainly can an imbalance by over-stripping the essential oils needed to maintain moisture. That’s why we’ve decided to break it down for you by hair type.

For fine, fragile, dry, or brittle hair… This is one hair type that we would recommend using clarifying shampoo only once a month. This will provide more than enough clarifying for fine, or damaged hair as this is the hair type where you would want to be the most cautious in over-stripping or over drying those essential oils. For this hair type, I always recommend following a clarifying shampoo with a super hydrating conditioning, or lightweight deep conditioning treatment to help hair instantly absorb the moisture that it is craving while the cuticle remains open from clarifying. My favorite deep conditioner for this? The GK Hair Deep Conditioner. Not only is it packed it moisture, but it is also jam packed with keratin proteins so you are covering all your bases for dry and damaged hair.

For color treated hair… This is another hair type where we recommend limiting your clarifying to once or twice a month. However, we recommend that you first check with your stylist to assure that he or she is using permanent hair color on you, as a clarifying shampoo is not recommended for those who only use demi/semi-permanent hair colors because they do not penetrate the hair shaft and will quickly fade with the use of a clarifying shampoo. We also recommend that those women with those beautiful vibrant red hair colors limit their use until right before they are due for their color touch up, because we would not want to see that beautiful red shade fade!

For normal to thick hair… This hair type has free reign to clarify as frequently as once a week! We always recommend clarifying the same day as you are going to do your weekly deep conditioning treatment because this will maximize your benefits of both treatments without subjecting you to the drying and tangling that frequent clarifying can cause. You will surely notice an immediate difference!

For keratin treated hair… Unfortunately, this is the one hair type that we recommend not carrying until right before you next keratin treatment. Keratin is a protein that works by surrounding your hair strand and acting as a protective coating that helps to smooth and seal your cuticle. Using a clarifying shampoo in-between treatments will start to breakdown this keratin coating sooner than expected, causing you to have to get more frequent keratin treatments.

We hoped this helped to clear some things up! ;)



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