Product Review of the Day: Tibolli Moisture Addiction Hair Masque Deep Conditioner!

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If you’re looking for a weekly hair masque that’s jam-packed with moisture — this Deep Moisture Masque by Tibolli is the perfect product for you! This product is definitely going to replace my current deep conditioner and here’s a few reasons why:

Description: The Tibolli Moisture Addiction Hair Masque Deep Conditioner will give your hair a smooth and silky appearance while softening and moisturizing your hair. The Tibolli Deep Conditioning treatment is enhanced with Trioxxy, a keratin protein that will nourish and protect your hair.

Feel: For as much moisture as this product was promising, I was surprised at how light-weight the contents were. It was about half the heaviness, or thickness, of other deep conditioners but applied just as evenly throughout my freshly clarified (and super knotty) wet hair.

Texture: I love the texture of this product – it definitely seemed to be more water-based than oil-based like most other deep conditioners, which I LOVED because sometimes, when deep conditioning, too much oil can just lead to a hydrated but greasy head of hair.

Usage: Tibolli recommends that if you have not experienced the Tibolli Trioxxy Hair Treatment, wash hair with Tibolli Pre-Treatment Shampoo, however, I used my usual clarifying shampoo and had no problem.

If you have used Tibolli Trioxxy Hair Treatment, wash hair with Tibolli Volume Obsessed Color Protection shampoo.

Results: I’m loving the results I got with this deep conditioner. Usually, I plan my deep conditioning treatments for days that I am running errands, or days I don’t have to leave the house at all because of the impending weighed-down blow out. With this treatment, my hair has weightless hydration! This product is so light-weight I would recommend it as a daily conditioner for those highly-processed bleached hair clients. Loving the softness, shine, AND volume I achieved with this product.

We hope you love this as much as we did!


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