Halloween Hair Tricks & Treats!

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Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays to dress up and do something funky with our hair and makeup! There are endless possibilities for halloween hair but we’ve decided to round up our favorite tricks to make your halloween hair color and accessories blow everyone away! Here’s 3 tricks that work on any hair texture, length, and color that will never let you down!

1.) Temporary Hair Color: Whether you use spray on, hair chalk, or powders this is a super easy way to completely switch up your day to day look and do something drastic for halloween that will wash right out the next day! The BEST part about temporary hair color? They add TONS of volume to your hair which makes styling crazy easy. Especially because we are loving the super teased, huge volume, halloween hair styles we’ve been seeing lately! We do caution blondes in using temporary hair colors to do a test strand (especially with hair chalks) as they can sometimes take several washes (days) to wash out completely… so, if you were planning on going to a big business meeting the next day, this may not be the best option for you ;)

2.) Hair Pieces/Artificial Hair: Well, as previously mentioned, we LOVE big hair so we stop at nothing to achieve that. Whether it be adding a few clip in extensions or going for the more traditional, all over wig — this is another super easy way to switch up your look for halloween. The best part about hair pieces? You can reuse them! Especially if you buy clip-in extensions in your natural hair color and use your temporary hair color to make them match your halloween look. You can aways reuse those clip-ins for formal hairstyles or a quick and easy way to get volume day to day! You can also find things such as clip on pony tails or buns and now, you can even find clip in braids so you don’t even have to do any of the tedious handy work!

3.) Accessories: This is definitely the most customizable part of halloween hair! Our advice is get to a craft store and go wild! Usually, as long as there is a skinny stick or flat portion of the object in question, it can be attached to your hair  with bobby pins! Now this step can be super fun if you have the time by finding the items you want, spray painting them, adding glitter, etc.! The options are endless. We LOVE a huge amount of teased hair with miscellaneous halloween objects in it. Make your hair your only costume! It’s fun AND budget friendly!

Have a safe, creative, and happy Halloween!

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