Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Smooth out Baby Hair with a Hot Air Brush!

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If your hair is anything like mine — a curly, kinky, frizzy mess — and you, like me, prefer to wear your hair straight then this hair tip will surely become one of your new favorites. You know those tight, kinky curls that even the round brush can’t seem to smooth out at the root? This usually happens with your fine baby-like hairs around the hairline or at cowlicks. This seems to be the only solution that works for me without over-frying and over-drying these delicate little baby hairs: a hot air brush. This provides just the right amount of heat, and unlike a flat iron, loosely grips the hair instead of “pressing” it like a flat iron would. This process smooths out the kinks, adds volume at the root, and easily helps maintain your smooth look. How? So easy! Instead of attempting to bend and twist the hot flat iron close to your scalp to get the kinky curls out of these fine hairs, the teeth of this curling brush and hot air help to gently blow them out at a lower heat and smooth them without “flattening” them to our face. Don’t like the volume a curling brush tends to leave at the root? This is not a problem either! After using your hot air brush, follow it up by hitting that section of your hair with a blow dryer at the root on medium heat for about 3 seconds. The force of warm air will help to smooth out some of the volume without leaving your hair completely flat. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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