Product Review of the Day: White Sands Orchid Oils

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Recently, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a sample of this White Sands wonder product Orchid Oils. We could not wait to get our hands on it! Not only is the packaging gorgeous but the product inside is even more amazing! Here’s a little more about what we loved about it.

Description & Benefits: “This Orchid oil extract restores moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has become damaged from chemical treatments, and thermal stress. White Sands’ interest in Orchids for hair is inspired from studies that have shown the orchid’s mysterious capacity for longevity, beauty, and its versatility to adjust to different environments with vibrant color. Orchid oil is very light weight, unlike most other oils it does not affect the hairs ability to perform when styling.”

Feel & Scent: The feel and scent of this product are hands-down the absolute best part about it. It smells AMAZING and the super smooth slip and consistency of the oil helps to evenly distribute the product to the ends of your hair without leaving it feeling oily or greasy. It almost has a “dry oil” feel to it, and you can instantly see your hair absorbing all of the benefits of this amazing oil.

Usage: I used 2 pumps of Orchids oil and applied from my mid-shaft to ends and watched my hair absorb it in seconds. It was not too much at all! I used a boar brush to run it through for more even distribution.

Results: I could not say enough about how much I LOVED this product! It’s the perfect item to have on hand for moisture and shine refreshment but also a boost in fresh scent in between blow-drys! My hair instantly felt smooth, soft and manageable in seconds!

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