Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Prevent Ponytail Trauma!

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We have been obsessing over Katie Holme’s super sleek extension ponytail at the Golden Globes! Wondering how she keeps her natural hair so perfect when she rocks these tight tails? We’ve got just the right tip for you to get the same results at home! We’ve found using a light weight shine serum, like Tibolli’s Desired Hair Oil, helps to provide just the right amount of slip to prevent breakage at the elastic. How do you use it? We recommend using 1-2 pumps and rubbing vigorously between your palms. While slicking hair back into your ponytail, you will not only be adding shine but preventing that excessive tension that we all cling to. Although, we may feel our hair is more secure with a super tight elastic, it is certainly not the best option for hair health. This trick will provide just the right amount of slip to provide you with the security you love without the breakage. Let us know what you think!

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