Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Revive Dull Color-Treated Hair in-between Salon Visits!

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Tired of your hair color fading and becoming dull and lifeless in between salon visits? We know how frustrating this can be — especially for our vibrant red heads and brilliant brunettes — so we decided to share one of our absolute favorite hair tips with you that is crazy easy and super affordable. The key to keeping hair color looking vibrant and fresh, even after it has faded is to assure that you keep it shining! Adding shine to your hair will help to add extra light reflection — making the hair appear sleeker, and more rich! How can you do this? Easy! All you have to do is invest in a nice shine serum that works for your hair type. I personally LOVE the Tibolli Desired Hair Oil for my fine hair. I recommend applying this generously (2-3 pumps rubbed together in your palms) from the mid shaft to ends BEFORE blowdrying. Now, after your dry, I recommend reapplying a drop or two to the same section in the same way to rev up the shine on your freshly dried hair. However, I recently found the Maijan Shimmer Shine Spray to be the easiest way to get all the shine you need for the second step — this allows you to get all over shine, even in the root area, without leaving the hair appearing greasy or weighed down. Can’t beat that right?! Give it a try — we guarantee you will see a difference in the life of your hair color and will love the added shine!

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