Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Prevent Dry, Winter Hair!

dry winter hair, how to prevent dry winter hair, how to prevent dry hair, winter hair, winter hair treatments, winter hair solutions, hairstyling tip of the day, tips for dry hair, tips for winter hair, dry skin dry hair, hair dryness, preventing dry hairHere on the East Coast, we understand more than anyone how frustrating the winter season can be for our hair! It seems as if there is nothing we can do to prevent the bitter cold winter from wreaking havoc on our previously hydrated, shiny strands! Well, fear not because we have found a few solutions that we swear by! Although all of these tricks may add an extra few minutes to your usual beauty routine, they are 150% worth it! Trust me, you’ll thank us the next time you get swept up into a wind storm and your hair isn’t breaking off when you’re coming it out! ;) Here’s 3 of our rules to live by for healthy winter hair!

1.) Keep your strands lightly lubricated: We recommend using a lightweight serum like GKhair’s Anti-Frizz Serum to lubricate your strands to prevent breakage when exposed to those harsh elements like wind and dry heat. Using light lubrication allows extra slip and acts as a buffer making it easier to comb out knots all day and letting your hair glide easily when getting blown around. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to control the wind, but we can protect our hair!

2.) Use a moderate to heavy deep conditioner at LEAST 2 times a week: This will replenish and maintain the needed moisture that winter tends to strip from your strands. When your out in the elements and the weather is as dry as it is, you definitely need to add an extra day of deep conditioning (if not two) to your usual routine!

3.) Keep shampoo days to an absolute minimum: Some are more blessed than others in this department. For example, I am one of the unlucky ones with fine, oily hair who has to wash my hair more frequently. In the summer and spring, I absolutely have to wash my hair every day — there is no escaping it — but in the winter, when everything is more dry (including my skin) I am able to push this to every other day with the help of my favorite Batiste dry shampoo. Some people are able to push one shampoo for an entire week — I don’t know how they do it but I sure am jealous! The less you shampoo the better! No sense in roughing up your hairs cuticle and drying out your scalp when it’s already so dry outside!

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