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Hairstyling How-To: Perfectly Diffused Hair

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Well, if you’re a curly girl or have gorgeous natural waves, you already know that blowdrying your hair is usually too harsh and turns your pretty locks into a frizzy ‘fro. Diffusers are a great way to gently dry your hair without over-drying or adding too much heat to your super fragile curly hair. Have…

Halloween Hair Tricks & Treats!

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Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays to dress up and do something funky with our hair and makeup! There are endless possibilities for halloween hair but we’ve decided to round up our favorite tricks to make your halloween hair color and accessories blow everyone away! Here’s 3 tricks that work on any hair…

Favorite Fall Hair Accessories for 2014!

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We are so excited that it is finally October! Fall is my favorite hair accessory season! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite accessory trends we’ve been seeing so we think are going to be HUGE this fall season! 1.) Floral headbands/hair pieces - First off, we love these ALL the time but we love them…

Summer 2014 Hair Trend Prediction: Head Bands!

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So, ever since Lupita was caught rocking her sparkling embellished headband at the Oscars, we have seen a rise in this amazingly easy trend. Nicole Richie has always been a huge fan of this look and has even created her own line of headbands as part of her House of Harlow accessory line. We are…

The Ultimate Brush Buying Guide!

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  If you haven’t noticed, here at StyleBell, we are pretty much obsessed with anything hair care. We also love sharing all of our favorite information with you! We decided to make a buying guide for one of the most important and long-standing staples in almost every woman’s beauty routine– hair brushes! We broke it…

How to Cover Up Thinning Hair Instantly!

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Unfortunately, thinning hair has become a huge area of concern for women lately. Experts believe there is a direct correlation to our crazy busy lifestyles, stress, and thinning hair. So sadly, since most of us cannot give up all of those things that cause us stress in our daily lives, but on the bright side,…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Back to School Haircuts at Home!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Back to School Haircuts at Home! Moms, don’t send your kids back to school with a bad haircut. The first step to giving your kids a perfect at-home hair cut is to start with the right tools. This Satin Edge Starter Kit is an affordable way for all at home…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Rush With a Brush!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Rush With a Brush! The best thing you can do for your hair to prevent breaking is to take the extra few minutes after your shower to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. Brushing may get through you locks quicker, but mainly because it pulls and breaks…

Kris Jenner Rocks Oprah’s Afro Wig!

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Check out Kris Jenner talking about wearing Oprah’s 3 1/2 pound wig on her new talk show, Kris. This intricate wig was hand assembled using SEVEN bags of hair! Could you imagine wearing something that heavy? Oprah debut’s her hand sewn wig on September’s issue of her O magazine!

Calling All Stylists: Roll Out in Style!

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Stylists — Are you tired of having to pack and lug multiple bags back and forth to the salon every day and night? This Keratin Complex rolling bag is the perfect solution! All of your tools will fit in one bag and you won’t even have to carry it! With multiple compartments it has never…