Hair Disasters

Help With Haircolor Mishaps


Here’s a Stylebell Exclusive interview with Redken Color Consultant David Stanko! I got the scoop from David on haircolor mishaps. Read on for what he has to say! Stylebell: What are some of the most common causes and types of color mishaps? David Stanko: Usually most women underestimate their natural hair color. If you start…

Reader Question – Flat Iron Damage

flat ironing hair, flat iron, styling hair with flat iron, straightening hair, straightening iron, hair iron

Blog reader Chris asks… Today I was straightening my hair, and I did it while it was wet on the sides then it made a frizz noise. Then I had a shower and cleaned my hair and stuff and it was all dry in that place that I starightened my hair when it was wet.…

Treating Styling Tool Burns


Well the inevitable finally happened. I’ve finally managed to burn myself with a hot tool. I’ve been using them for years, so I guess I was due. It gave me a painful reminder of the fact that these tools are often over 300 degrees and really do need to be treated with respect. Safety is…

Revitalizing Your Hair

pampering, revitalizing hair, hair treatments

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend (especially if it’s rainy or cold like it is today) is a little pampering. There are many deep conditioning treatments offered by hair salons, but there are also things you can do at home to bring your hair back to life after torturing it with…

Happy Halloween from Stylebell!

happy halloween, cute halloween picture

We’re wishing everyone a very happy, fun, safe Halloween today from Stylebell! Looking for last minute Halloween hair tips? We’ve got a bunch! Stylebell’s Halloween Hair Tips Roundup Got an emergency involving some gum? Here’s how to get gum out of hair. Need to fix a synthetic wig? Here’s how to straighten out that wig!…

Quick Tip – Getting Gum Out Of Hair

bubblegum, bubblegum in hair, get bubblegum out of hair

Eek! While enjoying Halloween festivities, one of your little ones has managed to get a wad of chewing gum stuck in her hair. What do you do? She’s panicking, you’re grossed out – don’t reach for those scissors! Getting gum out of hair is relatively easy with things you already have around the house. Ice…

How To Straighten A Synthetic Wig

wig, costume wig, wig with long hair, synthetic wig, long hair wig

Here’s the scenario: you’ve just received your wig in the mail, and you’re stoked because your last-minute purchase came in time for Halloween. Except when you take the wig out of the package, the sleek, long tresses you had imagined for your Kim Kardashian costume have a big kink in them. What do you do?…

Stylebell HAIR To The Rescue Giveaway


We have some very exciting news! Introducing the Stylebell HAIR To The Rescue Giveaway! If your hair is in some serious need of rescuing, listen up! We’re giving away a grand prize worth over $700! This prize is jam-packed full of problem-solving products from top hair brands like Solano, Babyliss, It’s A 10 and more!

Robert Pattinson’s New Hair Style

r comic con twilight 220711

Comic Con featured a Breaking Dawn panel for all the inside information from our favorite twinkly vampires. But it also featured a new hair style on Robert Pattinson that defies all logical explanation. BEHOLD: Robert Pattinson looking anything less than dapper? Shocking. He explains that this style is for the upcoming film Cosmopolis, during which…