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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Always Finish with Cool!

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When it comes to your daily styling, the number one thing to remember is to finish the steps with cool. When rinsing the conditioner from your hair in the shower, always do a finalrinse with cool water, this helps to seal the cuticle and prevent fly-aways when styling. After blow drying (if your dryer has…

Doctors Trying a New Method for Hair Loss!

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A doctor in Texas is trying a new method for hair loss that is said to be less invasive than hair transplant procedures. This procedure uses stem-cell therapy using your body’s own blood plasma as well as a wound healing powder called “a-cell” that is then mixed together and injected directly back into the scalp.…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Prevent Damage Before it Starts

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Here’s a few simple steps to help prevent future damage to your locks:  Use a thermal protector when heat styling your hair — nothing will help protect it more than a layer of protection directly on the strands! Use a comb directly out of the shower, brushing wet hair causes it to pull, stretch, and…

How to Curl Using a Flat Iron

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Haven’t mastered using the flat iron for curls, yet? I found this link that shows you how to get these effortless curls with step by step instructions and a video, which explains it very well! I also recommend using an iron with hot plates on the side like the Babyliss Ustyler. Keep in mind —…

Trending now: Fishtail Braids!

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Fishtail braids have been around for years but have really started to become a staple in the hair world lately! I found this link very accurate with a helpful how-to video and step by step instructions!

Hair Temperature Tips!

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Top stylist at Arrojo Salon, Tatum Neill, suggests that for at home use of flat irons, stay at a temperature between low to mid 300′s. 400+ is for the professionals when chemically altering the hair! Plus, keeping the temperature lower will prevent unnecessary damage! Click here to read more!

Miley Cyrus’ Short Hair is Here to Stay!

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Miley Cyrus says we will never see her with long hair again! She is loving the short hair, and so are we! Although we love her long hair too, she can definitely pull off her new, and seemingly permanent, look!

Product Review of the Day: Blow Dry Addict by Zotos Professional.

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    Product Review of the day: Blow Dry Addict by Zotos Professional. This blow dry creme is so light weight! It gives protection and manageability without leaving your hair feeling heavy! I Followed up my blow dry with the Hairspray Addict Color Brightening & Shine hairspray, and I am addicted to it! It left my…