Hair Fun Facts

Hairstyling Tip of the Day! Battling Dandruff?

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day! Battling Dandruff? Make sure you are fighting it the right way. Oils are not the right way to treat a dry, flaky scalp! Try medicated shampoos, or moisturizing shampoos that are specifically formulated to target dandruff, like the BioNaza Intensive Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Heat Damage from Blow Drying?

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Tired of heat damage from blowdrying? Make sure you are using a blow dryer that has adjustable heat. For fine hair, turn the heat down so you don’t hurt those fragile locks! But, all hair types should be using a thermal protectant spray, like LANZA Thermal Defense, before styling!

Bangs — Scared to Commit?

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Thinking about trying Michelle Obama’s new look but scared of change? Try these Jessica Simpson HairDo Bangs! You get the look without the commitment!

Challenging Curly Hair?

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Challenging curly hair? Try a curling creme like this one by Cutler. Cremes will hydrate and smooth your frizz and they also tend to be less drying than gels. Hydrating products, like cremes, are better for long term use on curly hair because in most cases curly hair is already quite fragile.

Hair Fun Fact: Power Foods for Hair!

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Hair Fun Fact: Did you know what you eat can affect your hair’s condition and growth? Here are the top ten foods for healthy hair! 1.) Salmon 2.) Walnuts 3.) Oysters 4.) Sweet Potatoes 5.) Eggs 6.) Spinach 7.) Lentils 8.) Greek Yogurt 9.) Blueberries 10.) Poultry Similarly, most of these power foods can help…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day! Lackluster hair?

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Having trouble maintaining your shine with daily shampoos? Turn down the heat! Lukewarm is the best temperature to use when shampooing. Water that is too hot will strip your hair of some essential oils and will leave you with lackluster hair!

EASY Beach Waves!

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Looking for EASY beach hair like Kate Hudson? Try this waving iron by Gold ‘N Hot – a deep waving iron like this allows you to take large sections and finish your look quickly and flawlessly!

January Jones Battling Hair Loss!

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January Jones is blaming her battle with hair loss on the many different hair color changes she has made this year! Over-dying is Over-drying! Keep your hair hydrated and share with us your hair horror story!