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Traveling This Summer?

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Summer is finally here! Making our need for our favorite styling tools increase! Will you be traveling this summer? Be sure to check out the Conair Converter and Adapter so you can bring all of your favorite styling tools with you  

Customer Review of the Day: Babyliss Jumbo Roller Hairsetter

babyliss roller hairsetter, babyliss hairsetter, hairsetters, roller sets, leopard roller set

Customer Review of the Day: Leopard Babyliss Jumbo Roller Set ”It gives so much body and soft waves to long hair.  One feels glam without having to spend hours straightening hair with the hair dryier and damaging it.  Electric curls are much gently on the hair.” I couldn’t agree more! Babyliss always makes reliable (and super…

Caruso’s New Jumbo/Large Roller Style!

caruso, steam rollers, caruso large/jumbo rollers

  We have been getting a lot of calls lately about the new Jumbo/Large Caruso rollers. Caruso has updated their look — but rest assured, you are still getting the same great product/size you have always received! The new style of the rollers includes all of the same petite, small, and medium rollers however they…

Rev-Up Your At Home Deep Conditioning Treatments!

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Get that salon style deep conditioning treatment at home by using this heat cap by Gold ‘n Hot! Rev-up the effectiveness of your conditioners and deep oil treatments by helping them infuse your hair! Heat will open up the cuticle allowing more moisture and penetration from your favorite conditioning products. This product works great with a…

Are You Using The Right Blowdryer?!

Have you been noticing that you just can’t style your hair the same as your Hairstylist does, even when you are using all of the same products and brushes? Turns out, it may be because you are using the wrong type of blow-dryer for your hair type. It seems that almost everyone is raving about…

Elchim’s Incredible Warranty!

elchim dryer, elchim hair, elchim, elchim warranty, unlimited warranty, lifetime warranty

Have you heard about Elchim’s incredible warranty on their hairdryers? These dryers are perfect for stylists who rely on their tools to make a living. Elchim backs all of their hairdryers with an UNLIMITED lifetime warranty. That kind of confidence is definitely assuring when buying a tool for daily use! Elchim will replace or repair…

Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair?

Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair?, question of the day, flat irons, long hair

Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair? Answer: For long hair, there are a few different options! Picking the right flat iron is dependent on the look you are trying to achieve. If you’re just looking for a quick, simple run through to smooth down waves and frizz — the…

Hair Q & A: What is the Best Flat Iron to Use For Curls?

flat iron curls, flat iron, u styler, babyliss

Question: What is the best flat iron to use for curling? Answer: I love the Babyliss U Styler! It is a 1″ iron but has plates on the outside edges of the iron as well making it easy for you to get tight, long lasting 1″ curls OR loose, natural beachy waves!  BONUS: it’s super…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Always Finish with Cool!

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When it comes to your daily styling, the number one thing to remember is to finish the steps with cool. When rinsing the conditioner from your hair in the shower, always do a finalrinse with cool water, this helps to seal the cuticle and prevent fly-aways when styling. After blow drying (if your dryer has…