Emo Hair

Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Shaves Head

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Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes, is making a definite statement by creating a emo punk style, dark brown wavy hair with shaved sides.  Lourdes is a mere age of 15 but is already out to be a trend setter.   Insiders say that dear Mom gave her leeway to change her hair when she turned 14.  Who would…

EMO hair "How To"

Calling all Emo hair lovers. Malia shows you in detail how to create your Emo hair style. Step 1: Color your hair: lighter on the inside and darker on the outside of your hair Step 2: Hair cut: use a point cut, cutting the hair at an angle versus straight Step 3: Style: always blow…

Emo Hairstyle How To

Emo hairstyles, aka Scene hair, is all the rage. With celebrities, Idol hopefuls, and rockers sporting the ‘do we know that everyone wants the Emo look. Equip yourself with a big can of hairspray, think Rave, and a pin sized tooth comb and watch Alyysa’s video. You will be on your Emo way!