Long Loose Curls

Hairstyling How-To: Perfectly Diffused Hair

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Well, if you’re a curly girl or have gorgeous natural waves, you already know that blowdrying your hair is usually too harsh and turns your pretty locks into a frizzy ‘fro. Diffusers are a great way to gently dry your hair without over-drying or adding too much heat to your super fragile curly hair. Have…

Kylie Jenner Rockin’ New Blonde Locks!

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Kylie Jenner shocked us all with her latest drastic hair change — but we are head over heels obsessed with her style in this picture! Not only are we loving this insanely drastic hair change but we cannot get over how perfectly it’s styled! We’re loving the heavy bangs and loose messy waves! And that…

Hair How To: Caruso Steam Rollers

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If your hair is dry and fried and you’re having a hard time getting volume to stick — the Caruso Steam Rollers are the perfect tool for you! If you haven’t heard about them, now is the time to learn! These rollers are unlike any other. Working off only steam they won’t cause ANY breakage…

The Ultimate Roller Breakdown!

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As hot rollers and wash & sets continue to make a huge come-back in the beauty world, questions about rollers have been increasing as well. We can totally relate to how overwhelming it is to shop for rollers — there are so many different types, textures, and materials! So, we’ve taken all of your questions…

Hair How To: Perfect Pin Curls in 5 Easy Steps!

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If you’re loving all the pin curls and finger wave looks we have been seeing on all of the celebs lately, you’re going to love this post! Pin curls are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to get crazy volume and gorgeous wavy hair without any harsh heat appliances! This is one of…

How to Get Kim Kardashian’s Big Sexy Waves

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Were you as in love with Kim Kardashian’s big blonde hairstyles as much as we were? Have you tried using every hair appliance you have on hand to recreate this look at home? If so, you’re going to love to learn how easy we’ve made it for you to get those big, sexy waves at…

Jessica Beils Long Loose Oscar Hair!

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Jessica Beils Long Loose Oscar Hair! I love Jessica Beil’s long loose lightly waved hair for the Oscars. Pulling it to the side makes it look so effortless and relaxed! Loving the super casual trend we are seeing on the red carpet!

How to Curl Your Hair with a Round Brush!

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If you are loving all of those “natural” beach-like curls we see all of our favorite celebrities, like Jessica Alba, rocking on the red carpet — you’re in luck. I know you are probably thinking that you have tried every curling tool on the market but just can’t get it to look as effortless as…