Short Hair

Nikki Reed’s New Look!

nikki reed, new hair, short hair, nikki reed hair

Nikki Reed chops off her long wavy locks! What do you think of her new look? I think the shorter style takes years off her look! She looks youthful and adorable!

Beyonce’s Beautiful Hairstyles

beyonce, hairstyles, short hair, beyonce hair

Beyonce’ is not only the Queen Bee of the music industry, but she is definitely royalty in the hair world as well! I’m convinced that she can pull off just about anything with her hair and still look fabulous. From her natural curls to her sleek and shiny looks — everything suits her beautifully! My…

Michelle Williams is Saying Goodbye to the Pixie!

michelle williams, pixie cut, growing hair, new hair, new look

Oscar nominated Michelle Williams is saying goodbye to her adorable pixie cut! She told E! News she was keeping the short hair in memory of her late Fiance Heath Ledger, but that she is finally ready to move onto a new look. I am loving the transition look, keep up the good work!