How to Apply the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

How to Apply the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Are you looking to learn how to perform the Keratin Complex Smoothing Keratin Treatment?  In this video we show you how you can perform the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment so you can get optimal results.  This step by step begins with the client consultation all the way to the flat ironing and blow drying. Enjoy special tips that will help you achieve incredible results.

Rules for Smooth Hair Removal

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There are so many different types of hair removal methods out there that it’s hard to follow up on the rules for all of them! Luckily, we’ve rounded up all of the most important rules to remember for all of the most commonly used home hair removal methods so you have a quick reference to…

Fall 2014 Make-Up Trends We’re Loving!

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We have been obsessing over the latest fall make-up trends in 2014 because this year, they have been totally different than any fall trends we have seen before! Usually, we see tons of neutrals, wine stained lips and a darker theme to make-up trend but this fall things seem to have lightened up a bit…

Favorite Fall Hair Accessories for 2014!

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We are so excited that it is finally October! Fall is my favorite hair accessory season! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite accessory trends we’ve been seeing so we think are going to be HUGE this fall season! 1.) Floral headbands/hair pieces - First off, we love these ALL the time but we love them…

How To Get the Most From Your Deep Conditioner!

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We understand that not everyone has time to get to the salon every time their hair is screaming for some extra moisture so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips and tricks to getting salon-quality deep conditioning treatments in the comfort of your own home. No matter what treatment you are doing, these work…

Hair Q&A: What’s the Best Round Brush for Fine Hair?

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StyleBell Customer Question: What is the best round brush to use to curl my ends under while styling? Hair Type: very straight fine hair about 2 inches below shoulders in length Answer: Having fine hair is not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to shopping for brushes! With fine hair, the rule of thumb is: the smaller the…

Fact or Fiction: Clarifying Shampoo is Bad For Hair.

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Fact or Fiction: Weekly use of a clarifying shampoo will dry out your hair. Fiction! Unhealthy build up of products and even water on our hair can cause it to feel unhealthy, brittle, and even break. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week (depending on the hair type) can help strip off the bad allowing…

Product Review of the Day: Global Keratin The Best Keratin Treatment!

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Have we mentioned that we’re in love with keratin treatments? We just cannot get enough of this protein packed power treatment for your hair and we’re loving that there’s more and more different types of treatments coming out every day! But, there’s not too many as unique as this one! Global Keratin’s The Best Keratin…