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Mustaches in Movember!

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So many of you have probably heard of, participated in, or witnessed, “No shave November,” or Movember. Although watching the progress all of the growing mustaches and beards is super funny and entertaining – it’s also helping to spread awareness at the same time. What most of you don’t know is that all of the…

Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair?

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The Biebs is sporting a new dye job…he’s “crossed over” to the dark side! It has not been confirmed why he made the change, but there is some speculation it’s for a movie. What do you think of the new color? Also, will someone please tell JB where his waist is? I’m worried if he…

Ashton Kutcher’s New Look

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I keep a mental list of celebs who I’d like to have made over, and Ashton Kutcher has been at the top of the list for quite some time. Ever since he stopped believing in hair cuts (and then shaving), it’s made me cringe. His greasy “homeless chic” look just doesn’t do it for me.…

On Trend – Hair Tattoos

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Ever since we humans discovered scissors, we’ve been coming up with creative ways to cut our hair off. Hair tattoos are one popular way that some people choose to express themselves in a very eye-catching and dramatic way. Tribal patterns are popular, but like a topiary, anything goes as long as you can find someone…

Style Your Hair Like Edward Cullen

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If you’re Team Edward, this video’s for you! Hair stylist Beatrice De Alba shows you how to style your hair like Edward Cullen! Check out this simple tutorial video to learn how to turn yourself (or your boyfriend!) into Robert Pattinson’s sexy character Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. After you get this hair style…

10 Great Gifts (Under $50!)

It’s getting down to the wire for those of you who still have shopping to do, but don’t worry! We won’t judge. In fact, we’re here to help! Here are 10 great gifts, each under $50. You’re welcome! Hot Tools Flat Irons These cuties have 1″ ceramic plates and a patterned casing. But they’re more…

The Young Turks – Celebrating Movember!

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Have you heard of The Young Turks staring Cenk Uyger? Well if you haven’t you will soon. Cenk, one of my dear college buddies, is launching his own show The Young Turks on December 5th, on Current TV. Yes that is the Al Gore channel. To bring it back to hair, which we always do,…

Kellan Lutz Has a Mohawk!

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Well hello there, Kellan Lutz! The Twilight star revealed his new ‘do recently, joking about Movember being about Mohawks. What do you think? Love it? Leave it? Not sure I’m loving it, but he’s still a mega hottie. Those eyes! Goodness!