All of the Amazing Benefits of Head Massage!

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I’m willing to bet that if you asked anyone what their favorite part about their routine visit to the salon was, they would say the head massage during the shampoo! So, we’ve decided to explore the many benefits to head massage and we were surprised at how much we learned! Here’s just a few of…

Nicki’s Drastic New Look!

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Nicki Minaj changes her normally eye-catching looks for a more modern and toned down black hair look! I am loving this new neutral look on her… Could her new neutral look be because of her recent engagement rumors? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones! Just as pregnancy and other prescriptions drugs, such as steroids, can cause hair loss — changing your naturally occurring hormones can have the same affect. The most common cause of pre-mature hair loss is caused by the abuse of Birth Control Pills. Changing your pill,…

Anti-Aging Hair Products — Worth It?!

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Have they found the secret to aging hair? Not quite, but they have found important ingredients that could play a key role in keeping your hair youthful! Could caffeine be important for your hair?! The answer is YES! Check out this article about what doctors have been finding!

Argan Oil is Liquid Gold for Hair!

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I’m pretty sure that everyone who has tried argan oil on their hair have fallen in love! Its many different uses certainly does make it seem like “liquid gold,” and we love it — it’s a miracle for dry, frizzy hair. Check out this awesome article about the background of argan!  

Castor Oil – New Hair Loss Remedy!?

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  Could Castor Oil be the key to tackling hair loss?! According to Aveya Beauty it is! Aveya believes that the Caribbean Roots Black Castor Oil can stimulate and increase hair growth. The castor bean, however, contains the toxic and dreaded Ricin. Although the toxin is denatured during the manufacturing product — would you be…

Elchim’s Incredible Warranty!

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Have you heard about Elchim’s incredible warranty on their hairdryers? These dryers are perfect for stylists who rely on their tools to make a living. Elchim backs all of their hairdryers with an UNLIMITED lifetime warranty. That kind of confidence is definitely assuring when buying a tool for daily use! Elchim will replace or repair…