Can Stress Really Make Your Hair Fall Out?!

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Can stress really cause hair loss? According to an article in the Smithsonian, yes it can! Hair grows in 3 phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen, or the growing phase, is the longest of these three phases (and probably the one people are most familiar with) where the hair grows, and produces new hair.…

A Pill to Cure Gray Hair?

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A pill to “cure” gray hair… It’s that simple.  Is this product too good to be true? Would you use it? Click here to read more about this new treatment! 

Doctors Trying a New Method for Hair Loss!

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A doctor in Texas is trying a new method for hair loss that is said to be less invasive than hair transplant procedures. This procedure uses stem-cell therapy using your body’s own blood plasma as well as a wound healing powder called “a-cell” that is then mixed together and injected directly back into the scalp.…

Miley Cyrus’ Short Hair is Here to Stay!

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Miley Cyrus says we will never see her with long hair again! She is loving the short hair, and so are we! Although we love her long hair too, she can definitely pull off her new, and seemingly permanent, look!

L’Oreal Says New Drug Prevents Grey Hair

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We know that grey hair doesn’t mean you have to be dowdy or frumpy. Many celebrities embrace the “silver fox” look, so much so that we’ve even seen younger celebrities cop the look of silver locks for fun. But not everyone is as comfortable with going grey, and in a few more years you may…

A Cure For Baldness?


Could we be close to a cure for baldness? Yale researchers think they might have a huge new clue. They have discovered that stem cells in the fatty layer of the skin may be responsible for signalling your hair follicles to grow. By expanding upon this research and figuring out how to get these cells…

Hair Thieves – A Disturbing New Trend

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Better keep your locks on lock-down, ladies! A disturbing new trend is on the rise– hair thievery. Robberies have been committed at several beauty supply stores across the nation over the past few months. But these thieves aren’t after the cash register. In fact, in one incident that took place in Chicago, the cash register…