Frizz Lowdown

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Straighten Up!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Straighten Up! Looking for a new summer style but tired of the humidity causing your time-consuming hairstyle to fall flat as soon as you walk out the door? Skip all the primping and go for a straight and sleek or slicked back summer look using Keratin Complex’s 2-day Straight. It…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Beat the Heat!

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The best trick to conquering the summer heat & humidity when it comes to your hair is to follow the rules! Be sure, especially in humidity, to be using products that are specifically designed for your fine — This includes your shampoo & conditioner! For example, if you have fine, limp hair and you are…

Customer Review of the Day: Maijan Oil!!

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Just got a great customer review on the Maijan oil! — “I have been using this product for several years and it is my go to daily face moisturizer as well as a great hair conditioner…Leaves your skin radiant and hydrated without greasy residue..Leaves hair shiny and reduces the frizzies….Terrific product I could not do…

Dry, Damaged, Winter Hair Blues?

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Dry, damaged, winter hair blues? Try this Global Keratin Repair Trio! This kit comes with everything you need to stay hydrated and frizz-free in this dry static weather!

Hair Q&A: Hair & Humidity

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Q: Hair & Humidity: Friends or Foes? A: FRIENDS! Although most people dread what the humidity does to their style, the moisture in the air will actually help keep your hair hydrated

Increase in Hair Damage?


Over the last 10 years, more hair treatments have become available to women that do everything from straightening hair to fighting frizz and adding shine. Unfortunately, the routine application of chemical hair treatments, such as keratin straightening, color, and relaxers can create long-term damage. As a result, physicians are noting more patients coming to their…

Revitalizing Your Hair

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One of my favorite things to do on a weekend (especially if it’s rainy or cold like it is today) is a little pampering. There are many deep conditioning treatments offered by hair salons, but there are also things you can do at home to bring your hair back to life after torturing it with…

Sea Buckthorn Oil Magic Elixir

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Everyone knows that I am a oil fanatic and believe that natural oils are one of those lost beauty secrets.  They are economical on the purse but deliver a big punch for your skin and hair.  I put pure Argan Oil on my hair and face daily!  It really has changed the texture of both…

Keratin Complex Straight Day Spray

Are you searching for a way to calm your frizzes? We are not talking about the Northern America just a little twist frizzies, we are talking about the Miami high humidity heat in the dead of summer frizzies. We have found the perfect product that will eliminate the frizz dilemma in seconds. The new triple…

Ouidad’s Rake and Shake

Are you looking to promote your sexy luscious curls versus straightening them? Frizz free curls are just a few steps away with Ouidad’s Rake and Shake method.   Ouidad is the expert in curls and knows what she is talking about! According to Ouidad, the trick to this method is to create the curl pattern while…