Protect Your Hair

5 Steps to Prevent Hair Color Fade!

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Are you as tired as we are of sparing no expense to keep up with the latest and greatest hair color trends just for them to fade away within a week or two? Well, luckily, there is a few simple tricks to prolonging the life of your hair color. Here’s a few quick tips to…

How Can I Get Rid of This Frizz?! — 5 Steps to a Frizz Free Life!

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As keratin treatments and other smoothing remedies continue to become more popular in the beauty business, we’re realizing how much of a problem frizzy hair can be — and how many people are affected by it! Even those people with ‘perfect’ hair cannot defeat the effects that weather and harsh elements can have on our…

Keep Up with The Trends and Get Texturized!

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Whether your hair is short or long — the trends are the same. Get an edgy, beachy, texturized look with a texturizing product like this It’s a Ten Texture Fibers. Use a little and scrunch it into your hair for a messy beach look or use a lot for short and spiky hair styles. This product…

Eva Mendez Reveals Her Hair Secret!

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Eva Mendez is known for her gorgeous hair — and we has finally revealed her big secret! She keeps her hair at it’s shiniest by sleeping with conditioner on her hair! She sleeps with a strengthening conditioner and a hair cap to help seal the deal — we recommend trying the Vanilla Bean Keratin Infused…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones! Just as pregnancy and other prescriptions drugs, such as steroids, can cause hair loss — changing your naturally occurring hormones can have the same affect. The most common cause of pre-mature hair loss is caused by the abuse of Birth Control Pills. Changing your pill,…

Rev-Up Your At Home Deep Conditioning Treatments!

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Get that salon style deep conditioning treatment at home by using this heat cap by Gold ‘n Hot! Rev-up the effectiveness of your conditioners and deep oil treatments by helping them infuse your hair! Heat will open up the cuticle allowing more moisture and penetration from your favorite conditioning products. This product works great with a…

Product Review of the Day: Keratin Complex Lock Luster

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Do you love the convenience of dry shampoo? Coppola’s Keratin Complex Lock Luster is a spray on aerosol conditioner that helps lock in moisture in between shampoos and protect your hair from heat styling. Lock Luster makes your hair just as shiny as it was right after washing! Description: a unique dry conditioner that instantly detangles…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Replacing Essential Amino-Acids!

DermOragnics, amino acids, protein masque, weekly masque

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Using an intensive masque like this one by DermOrganic’s can refuel your hair by charging it back up with the amino acid proteins you lose during daily styling! Replacing amino acids is essential to the health of your hair, as your hair is composed almost entirely of protein and moisture.…

Product Review of the Day: AGE beautiful

Age Beautiful Feature

Product Review of the day: AGE beautiful Fullness & Body Shampoo and Conditioner. If you color your hair then this is a great shampoo and conditioner for you. Although I do not color my hair frequently, I noticed that my highlights were a little brighter after 2 days of use. On the second day, I used…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day! Battling Dandruff?

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day! Battling Dandruff? Make sure you are fighting it the right way. Oils are not the right way to treat a dry, flaky scalp! Try medicated shampoos, or moisturizing shampoos that are specifically formulated to target dandruff, like the BioNaza Intensive Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.