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Styling How To: Amy Winehouse Hair Style

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Got your best British accent and gobs of black eyeliner ready for your Amy Winehouse costume, but need to know how to achieve her retro beehive hair? No problem! It’s easier than you think. All you need is a backcombing brush or teasing comb, hair pins, and of course hair spray. Get ready to tease…

Get the Amy Winehouse Look

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is known for her hair raising do.  Although it is a bit too much for me I know I have some wild divas out there that want to take their hair to the extreme.  One of my favs, Johnny Lavoy, explains how to get the Amy Winehouse hair style.  There is definite effort…

Amy Winehouse Hair Gone Wild

Amy Winehouse hair

Amy Winehouse’s hive has officially gone wild!  This beehive is way too out there for me.  I guess it makes sense that it is our one and only musical sensation Amy Winehouse.  I love her complete independence and whatever attitude but come on.   This is a complete mess.  Comment and tell me what you think.

Celeb Style: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse certainly has her share of publicity lately (both good and bad) but really, isn’t she famous for those cat eyes and that beehive she loves? Not many girls can sport the beehive look in 2008, so kudos to you Amy for bringing it back - it even makes me miss the B-52′s! If you’re in a…