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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: For The Curly Girls

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day! For the curly girls: when styling your hair, always divide it into multiple sections before applying products. This will guarantee equal coverage and curls all over! To help maintain your look throughout the day and in between washes try a curl refresher like this one from Bain de Terre.

I Love Bain De Terre!

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Bain De Terre is a floral inspired line of hair care products that are luxurious yet priced just right.  With products like Green Meadow Balancing Shampoos and Lemongrass Volumizing Shampoos, these product definitely perform!  One of my favorites is the Bain De Terre Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Silky Shine Serum.  This Anti-Frizz serum contains patented, nourishing…

Set Your Style

After you have finished styling your hair and you’re looking fab, don’t you want to make sure your efforts are seen by everyone? There is nothing worse than smoothing every last hair strand into perfect position before heading out the door to realize your fly-aways and split ends are showing by the time you arrive.…

Five Frizz Fighting Favorites

Kick your frizz to the curb with these top five products dedicated to smoothing your strands in seconds flat. Some add a silky shine, some a thermal protection barrier, while others repair split ends, but all eliminate the worst FRIZZ you can imagine. Bain de Terre Anti-Frizz Recovery Complex Shine Serum As the breakout star…