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Beyonce’s New Super Short Bangs!

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Have you seen Beyonce’s latest look? She recently made a bold move going with these super short bangs! We’re still not sure how we feel about them, but we figure if anyone could pull them off, it would be Beyonce, right? What are some of your favorite fun and risky hair styles? We want to…

Bang in the New Year!: To Cut or Not to Cut Bangs?


So, if you’re debating cutting bangs as part of your new look in 2014, we’re here to help lay down the pro’s and con’s of bangs, how to take care of them, style them and how often to trim them! Here’s a quick break down of all of the things to consider before picking up…

Kim Kardashian’s New Bangs!

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Kim Kardashian follows in her sister Kourtney’s footsteps and cuts bangs!  Although the Kardashian’s always have great hair I think Kim definitely pulls off bangs better than her siblings — I think they look great on her!

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Bangs!

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  Kourtney Kardashian followed in First Lady Michelle Obama‘s footsteps and cut bangs! I think the bangs suit the new style Kourtney has been going for since having her second child — mommy chic!

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Taming Those Unwanted Cowlicks!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Taming Those Unwanted Cowlicks! The best way to tame a cowlick in the bang area is to blowdry the bangs forward, preferably with a round brush to help weigh the bangs toward the correct area. If there are still some stubborn pieces left behind – try a light pomade like…

Bangs — Scared to Commit?

Jessica Simpson, HairDo, Bangs, extensions

Thinking about trying Michelle Obama’s new look but scared of change? Try these Jessica Simpson HairDo Bangs! You get the look without the commitment!

Fringe Bangs are IN this Season!


Fringe bangs are IN this season!  I am not sure if anyone can convince me to take the leap but women who sport this look are looking h-o-t HOT!  When getting the fringe bangs make sure you are ready to commit to the maintenance.  You will have to have the bangs trimmed every few weeks…

Blunt Bangs are all the Rage!


StyleBell recently noticed a trend taking over the celebrity hair circles.  Blunt bangs are all the rage and if done properly can really make an impact.  We decided to ask celeb stylist Nicholas Penna, Jr. of the “Best of Boston” salon, Salon Capri, his thoughts on this new hair trend.   1. Why are Blunt…

Weekly Hair Read Roundup

Find out what three products Beauty Blogging Junkie is using to create big hair. Mischo Beauty shares her best tips on how to achieve a great haircut! StyleBell shows you that bangs are back for Spring 2008.

Spring 2008 Hair Trend: Bangs are Back

We’ve spotted a number of celebs sporting fun, flirty bangs lately. If you’re looking to bang it out, it’s a great idea to go to your stylist armed with a few celebrity pictures for inspiration. Just remember, bangs this year are slightly curved under, not stuck to your forehead. Cleopatra bangs are so 80′s.