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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Soft & Shiny After-Beach Hair!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Soft & Shiny After-Beach Hair! LOVE your after-beach look but hate that gritty and dry salty feel? You can prolong your beach hair AND keep it soft in seconds with this Dry Conditioner by Keratin Complex. Just like a dry shampoo, you spray it on you’re already styled look for…

Sam Villa’s Tips for Perfect Beach Hair!

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Celebrity Stylist, Sam Villa, shares his perfect beach hair tip with some of our favorite Redken products! I will definitely be trying these creative tips on my next trip! Celebrities seem to always look effortlessly chic, even at the beach. BUT, don’t be fooled, they’re not unprotected! Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa®…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Textured Beach Hair!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Looking to achieve the perfect beach texture that Blake Lively’s always rocking? It’s much easier than you’d think! All you need is your hair and a texturizing spray! I’m loving the Calista Tools Texturizing Spray — It’s as easy as spray & go! It will give you that salty and…

The Beachwaver — The New Super Easy Waving Wand

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I just reviewed the Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa. This curling iron is perfect for those who love that beach hair look! Unlike your usual curling iron, the Beachwaver gives you the same loose wavy look as the new trendy curling wands, without have to do any manual work! It is also a great iron for those…

EASY Beach Waves!

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Looking for EASY beach hair like Kate Hudson? Try this waving iron by Gold ‘N Hot – a deep waving iron like this allows you to take large sections and finish your look quickly and flawlessly!

Lea Michele With Beachy Inspired Hair

beachwaver, sarah Potempa, curling iron, lea michele

Lea Michele stepped out with an incredible beach wave inspired hairstyle at her appearance on Fox Upfronts 2012 representing GLEE.  Lea’s hair is always inspirational.  Her hair has and incredible shine and silkiness to it!  How can I recreate this look at home.  Lea’s celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa gives MyStyleBell the inside scoop.  She used…

Get The Look: Cynthia Rowley Inspired

cynthia rowley, cynthia rowley S/S 2012, cynthia rowley 2012, cynthia rowley hair

I just watched footage of the Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 runway in Milan, and I am loving it! Lots of feminine, flowing styles in fun patterns. The models all sported a sort of wet-looking (but not as severe as some that we saw in F/W Fashion Week), air-dried hair style, and most of them had…

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver Review


In the spirit of trying something new, I decided to give the Bed Head Wave Artist a try. I was hoping to achieve those perfectly undone beach type waves (like we always see worn to perfection on Kate Hudson!), maybe toss in a braid or two for a snazzy bohemian look. The Wave Artist works…

Beach Hair, I Love it!

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Is it that time of the year again!  Yes it is!  Let’s get ready for the beach and put our fantastic beach hair on.  What exactly is beach hair?  Beach hair is long, loose, sexy, tousled, wavy, bohemian influenced hair that just oozes sexy.  So do you want that look?  Of course you do! Edward…

Pre-Raphaelite Curls for a Beach Wedding

Beach wedding?  How fantastic does that sound.  A beach wedding may not be in our future but we can bring the beach to our casual yet sexy hair style.  Jon Halacoglu, hairstylist extroadinaire, demonstrates a beachy Pre-Raphaelite soft waves suitable for that dreamy Caribbean ceremony at sunset.   Equip yourself with a Babyliss 1 inch curling…