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Get Kristen Stewart’s Braided Updo in 5 Minutes

Kristen Stewart Braided Updo

I love Kristen Stewart’s fabulous braided updo in Twilight Breaking Dawn!   It looks romantic yet still very put together. Elessa from Pursebuzz recreates this incredible look and does in just 5 minutes!  This updo can be worn on a lazy Sunday afternoon or at a formal evening event.  All you need is a few…

Bella Swan Style: Braided Updo

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Braided updos are everywhere these days, from the movie screen to the red carpet. We all know Miss Bella Swan keeps her look fresh and natural, so it’s no surprise she wore a bohemian, braided updo for her big day! If you’re excited to get your Bella style on for the Breaking Dawn premiere, check…

Braids, Braids, Braids

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Braids are all the rage this summer. Every updo is including some type of braided component. Whether feather braids, fishbone braids, or large braids all of the celebrities including Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum are incorporating braids in their hair designs. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy braids in your style. We…

Style with a Deep Conditioner?

Could this be true!  Yes!  Johnny Lavoy, rock start hair stylist, shows us how you can style with deep conditioner.  This cute braided updo took him less than 2 mintues to pull off.  So give yourself 5.  I know you will love it!