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Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair?

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The Biebs is sporting a new dye job…he’s “crossed over” to the dark side! It has not been confirmed why he made the change, but there is some speculation it’s for a movie. What do you think of the new color? Also, will someone please tell JB where his waist is? I’m worried if he…

Kate Hudson Goes Brunette

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Who? What? Kate Hudson is a brunette now?! Okay first Jason Alexander with hair, now Kate as a brunette? My stars. I don’t know what to do with you guys anymore…certain things in the universe we thought we had established are now mere memory. What’s next, the sky is purple? Okay so the sky being…

Sofia Vergara: Blonde or Brunette?

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We all know Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara is one smokin’ hot Colombian lady. But did you know she’s actually a natural blonde? Crazy right? But true! Sofia Vergara is naturally a blonde. But when it comes to getting work as a Colombian actress, she found she was able to get more jobs once she started…