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Padma has bangs and a bun

Padma Lakshmi was spotten with a new hairstyle, Bangs! I think Padma looks great in any look. The bun in the oven gives her an incredible glow as well. Momma to be is not divulging the baby daddy but her former ex Salman Rushdie wishes Padma all the best.

Rihanna in NY New Hair

Rihanna, on Tuesday, sported a completely different hair style while walking to her recording studio in NYC. Rihanna’s new emo punk look is shaved on the sides with a golden blond tail on top.  Like? Not Like? Comment Please!

Brad Pitt Facial Hair Saga

Brad Pitt was spotted last week at the Clinton Global Initiatives annual summit with a full on beard.  What do you all think?  Honestly I like him anyway :)

Oprah's Hair is All Hers

On Oprah’s show yesterday they talked all about hair – black hair, white hair, and everything in between.  Chris Rock was a guest on the show launching his new documentary Good Hair.  Oprah revealed to Chris Rock that her hair real not a weave.  The picture above proves it!  You go Oprah.  I know there are millions of…

Jessica Alba's Red Hair?

Jessica Alba has been spotted recently with a new hair color, an electrifying RED!  So what do you all think?  I think it looks fab although the critics claim Alba changes her hair color like a chameleon.  Comment away please!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hair at the 2009 Emmy's

2009 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair was simply dreamy at the 2009 Emmy awards in LA.   It embraced romance, sexy, and cute all in one package.  I loved the long loose curls and the bohemian inspired twists.   Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star of the hit show Ghost Whisperer.

Tyra Shows Her True Hair!


One of our fave’s, Tyra Banks, has announced that she will take off her weave and show us all her natural hair!  This momentous event is scheduled for September 8th and will air on the “The Tyra Banks Show” season premiere.  As Tyra twittered “I will be ‘rockin’ REAL hair … No fake hair at…

Jon & Kate Plus Spikey Hairdo

jon & kate

Kate Gosselin, the star of the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is sporting an interesting hairdo.  I call it an emo hairstyle gone bad.  I don’t mean to be overly critical but come on Kate.  Aren’t there a million stylist who would be willing to do a simple cut that brings about…

Hair Tutorial: Gwen Stefani Hairstyle

gwen stefani

Tease all you want my dark brown hair is just never going to look like Gwen Stefani.  Not true!  Celebrity stylist Johnny Lavoy does it again with his celebrity how-to on creating the Gwen Stefani look.  Definitely hair raising and a tad complicated but if you have the will you now have the way.  Enjoy!…

Adriana Lima Beautiful Hair and a New Baby!

Adriana Lima, the second highest paying Victoria Secret’s Brazilian supermodel, is expecting her first child.  She is definitely going to be one hot mama.  Adriana Lima’s hair is of superb simplicity.  She keeps it casual with a fantastic highlight job and simple textured beachy curls.  I love it.  See more Adriana Lima hairstyle pictures in…