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Finding the Right Color for Your Cut!

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As we approach the new year, many of you may be feeling the need to switch up your look and go for a whole new you! That’s where we come in… we’ve rounded up the most common hair cut and color dilemmas so you know the do’s and don’ts going into your new style! We’ve…

Can you color your hair if you get GK?

Global Keratin Products

Question:  Can you color your hair if you get GK (Global Keratin)? Answer: Yes you can color your hair after you have received the GKhair keratin treatment.  It will not harm the actual treatment or change the color in any way.  That being said most stylists recommend that you have your color done prior to…

Hairstylist Pics: Dynamic Color Hairstyles


Tim Wilson displays his avant-garde take on a fab color and cut.   Tim comes to us from Salon Blast, a salon in Seattle, Washington.  He is currently studying in London.  I love Tim’s take on extreme color and the subdued yet powerful red tones.  What do you think?  Comment here! Introducing our new segment on…