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On Trend – Hair Tattoos

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Ever since we humans discovered scissors, we’ve been coming up with creative ways to cut our hair off. Hair tattoos are one popular way that some people choose to express themselves in a very eye-catching and dramatic way. Tribal patterns are popular, but like a topiary, anything goes as long as you can find someone…

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow

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Lady Gaga shows up to Narita Airport in Japan sporting one of her most recognizable and parodied looks- the blonde bow of hair. The appearance has beauty and fashion editors everywhere (seriously, Google it) questioning if she has run out of ideas because -gasp- she is wearing a look more than once. Gotta love it.…

Nicki Minaj Hair Styles

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We love Nicki Minaj’s crazy hair! Her wigs give Lady Gaga a run for her money. Here’s a gallery of our favorite Nicki hair style moments.