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Hairstyling How-To: Perfectly Diffused Hair

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Well, if you’re a curly girl or have gorgeous natural waves, you already know that blowdrying your hair is usually too harsh and turns your pretty locks into a frizzy ‘fro. Diffusers are a great way to gently dry your hair without over-drying or adding too much heat to your super fragile curly hair. Have…

Keep Your Curls All Night!

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Are you sick of spending a bunch of time on curling your hair just to have it fall flat within an hour? Do you want it to have the Taylor Swift wave?   We don’t blame you! We’re here to help you say goodbye to curls falling flat for good with these few helpful hints…

Product Review of the Day: Redken Curvaceous Wind Up

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Looking for a curl reactivator for your in-between shampoo days? Or after a frizzy day in the rain? This will be your new favorite curl reviver! Description: Reactivating spray that refreshes dry and/or damp curls and tames frizz throughout the day. Feel: It sprays on as a nice light mist and doesn’t add any crunch…

Product Review of the Day: Paul Mitchell Curls

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Recently, I started using the Paul Mitchell Curls – Twirl Around curling creme on my unruly curly hair and loved how crunch free it was, but my curls were still frizzy and all over the place. This morning, I made a hair cocktail with the Twirl Around and a few pumps of the Full Circle…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: For The Curly Girls

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day! For the curly girls: when styling your hair, always divide it into multiple sections before applying products. This will guarantee equal coverage and curls all over! To help maintain your look throughout the day and in between washes try a curl refresher like this one from Bain de Terre.

Challenging Curly Hair?

cutler, curling creme, curls, curly hair

Challenging curly hair? Try a curling creme like this one by Cutler. Cremes will hydrate and smooth your frizz and they also tend to be less drying than gels. Hydrating products, like cremes, are better for long term use on curly hair because in most cases curly hair is already quite fragile.

NYC Holiday Hair Affair


Calling all curly bells in NYC! SheaMoisture and NaturallyCurly.com have partnered up to bring you the Holiday Hair Affair! You won’t want to miss this one! Experts from NaturallyCurly.com will be helping teach how to style and care for curls, kinks, and waves of any type, and giving SheaMoisture product recommendations. You’ll also have the…

Add Shine to Your Curly Locks!

devacurl mirrorcurls

This is for all you curly girls out there.   DevaCurl launches MirrorCurls!  Curly girls will finally be able to add shine without drying their curls. MirrorCurls is a lightweight conditioning serum that enhances shine, eliminates frizz, and dissolves instantly in water.  This means no build-up! MirrorCurls can be used on wet hair prior to setting…

Your Curly Hair Defined by DevaCurl


DevaCurl is definitely the curly girl’s best friend!  I recently had the chance to connect with DevaCurl and it was amazing.  I learned so many new and intriguing facts about curly hair that I had to share with you!  Below is DevaCurl’s 411 on everything curly! Curls are like fingerprints; no tow curls are alike.…