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How to do Dip Dye Hair Color at Home

katy perry dip dye hair color

Dip Dying is the new Ombre Hair Color- Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashlee Simpson, Jamie King, Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, (and many more) are having fun with the trend that can be bright and exciting or subtle and unexpected. The look can be achieved with hair extensions, but now people are flocking to salons to have it…

Dip Dye Hair The New Ombre Hair!

Dip Dye 2

What is Dip Dye?  It is one of the most asked about growing trends in hair color!  Everyone is dip dyeing their hair including celebs like Drey Barrymore, Nicki Minaj, Lauren Conrad and so many more! So what is Dip Dye?  Think Ombre hair but taken to the extreme.  Dip dye hair color looks like…