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Britney Spears Dip Dye Hair

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Britney Spears shows off her latest Dip Dye Hair with multi-hued colors at the iHeartRadio Music Festival last week in Las Vegas!   The colors are dramatic and the looks is definitely copy cat but I still love the playfulness of this style.  Britney Spears, the X Factor judge, rocks the look.  What do you think?

Christina Aguilera Goes Purple

Streekers, temporary hair color

I love love love Christina Aguilera and she does not disappoint with this latest hair entre.  Christina Aguilera has an incredible ombre dip-dyed hair with purple streaks.  The bleach blond hair contrasted with the purple streaks looks awesome!  It does not work with everybody’s hair but it looks amazing on her.  Want to have this…

Dip Dye Hair The New Ombre Hair!

Dip Dye 2

What is Dip Dye?  It is one of the most asked about growing trends in hair color!  Everyone is dip dyeing their hair including celebs like Drey Barrymore, Nicki Minaj, Lauren Conrad and so many more! So what is Dip Dye?  Think Ombre hair but taken to the extreme.  Dip dye hair color looks like…