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On Trend – Hair Tattoos

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Ever since we humans discovered scissors, we’ve been coming up with creative ways to cut our hair off. Hair tattoos are one popular way that some people choose to express themselves in a very eye-catching and dramatic way. Tribal patterns are popular, but like a topiary, anything goes as long as you can find someone…

What Is Movember?

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During November, the men in your life might be sporting a different look. You might notice the men around you growing mustaches. Now, a mustache can be distinguished, but these mustaches are more than fashion. November mustaches are Movember mustaches! What is Movember? Movember is an annual world-wide charity event where men grow mustaches and…

How To Cover Your Eyebrows For Costumes

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When you’re planning your Halloween costume, you may want to take your eyebrows into consideration. For full-face makeup (ie clown paint, mimes, or many cartoon characters, you may not want your own eyebrows to show so that you can draw in eyebrows more suitable to your costume. A prime example of a costume that looks…