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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: The C-Styler!

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Still not getting the hang of curling your hair with a flat iron? This new C-Styler by Babyliss is a no brainer! It’s curved shape does all the work making it easier than ever to curl your hair effortlessly!

Hair Q & A: What is the Best Flat Iron to Use For Curls?

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Question: What is the best flat iron to use for curling? Answer: I love the Babyliss U Styler! It is a 1″ iron but has plates on the outside edges of the iron as well making it easy for you to get tight, long lasting 1″ curls OR loose, natural beachy waves!  BONUS: it’s super…

How to Curl Using a Flat Iron

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Haven’t mastered using the flat iron for curls, yet? I found this link that shows you how to get these effortless curls with step by step instructions and a video, which explains it very well! I also recommend using an iron with hot plates on the side like the Babyliss Ustyler. Keep in mind —…

Jacki, Make Me A Supermodel

Are you watching Make Me A Supermodel on Bravo TV? Of course you are! Here’s a styling tip from Jacki, one of our favorites… Use a 1 inch flat iron to curl your hair. Just turn the hair around the straightening iron to acquire a desired curl. See? Even hopeful supermodels love their flat irons! If you want to create…